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Retrospect - Box of Greeting Cards

Retrospect - Box of Greeting Cards

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These greeting cards by The Retrospect will add art and creativity into your seasons' greetings. Send these unique and quirky cards to your friends and family to show love and support!

Each card boxes comes with Sixteen 6.5" x 4.75" cards plus 17 envelopes. 

Pablo Picasso Cubism:

4 different images of Pablo Picasso's famous cubism artworks.


4 different images of Modigliani's portraits.

Vintage Movie Posters:

4 different posters of famous movies during the golden cinema days.

Street art:

Includes 4 different photographs of different types of street arts, including one of the most famous street artists in our time, Banksy.

Alfred Stieglitz photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe:

Includes 4 different breath-taking and intimate photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe, taken by her lover and husband, Alfred Stieglitz. 

Santa Clause conquers the Martians:

Send funny cards to your close ones inspired by 60's science-fiction comedy movie, Santa Clause Conquers the Martians.

Paul Klee Animals:

Includes 4 different artworks of animals by Paul Klee

Joan Miro The Garden:

Send out quirky and artistic cards to your friends and family and share creativity with your greetings card!


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