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Portable Mask Sterilizer

Portable Mask Sterilizer

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ULTRAWAVE Mask Sterilizer is the world’s first mask sterilizer in which the UV-C LED effectively removes bacteria and harmful substances on the mask. The moisture discharging feature keeps the mask fresh inside the packaging as the inner surface of the mask is not overlapped.

ULTRAWAVE (ultraviolet+wavelength) manufactures eco-friendly devices using the UV LED and high-tech semiconductor light source. They artificially produce and releases ultraviolet light that exists in nature.

Portability of Mask Sterilizer 
The mask sterilizer is small enough to carry. Store your mask in the mask sterilizer and put it into your bag.

Comfortable and healthy mask care
The mask sterilizer is the manage solution for the mask. You can always manage your mask in a pleasant and healthy way.
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