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Joanne Jaffe, Black & White Jar with Pointy Lid

Joanne Jaffe, Black & White Jar with Pointy Lid

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The Shrines and Offerings series, of which these monochromatic pieces are members, was inspired by Jaffe’s interest in ethnic and exotic architecture, from pyramids to onion domes to Buddhist stupas. The carving technique is sgraffito. A slip glaze is applied to the unfired piece, which is then carved. Following the bisque firing, the decorated areas are covered with wax to form a resist, and last, the piece is coated with a white glaze and fired a second time.

 Each of the shrines is meant to be “interactive.” The lid and body can be turned and aligned in an infinite number of ways so that the decoration keeps on changing.  Ideally, it invites participation, play, and an experience with ceramics’ tactile quality

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 9.5" H x 5.5" W

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