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Tamar Levine, "You Should Smile More" Limited Edition Exhibition Catalog

Tamar Levine, "You Should Smile More" Limited Edition Exhibition Catalog

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Our Gallery Store is delighted to present the Exhibition Catalog from "You Should Smile More" by Tamar Levine. The catalog showcases the "You Should Smile More" collection of photographs from the Los Angeles based photographer.  Exploring the nature and appearance of beauty, Levine showcases several series of images which examine beauty and particularly, the gaze of models in a setting—often under water—created for a shoot. Her photographs draw the viewer in, capturing beauty while asking deeper questions. What is beauty? How does it attract the viewer? What is the context of beauty, how does it express itself, what is the nature of time in beauty, and what lies under its attractive surface?

Levine’s work functions both as fashion photography and as an examination of women. Unlike most fashion photography, which objectifies the model to sell a product, Levine’s images draw viewers in to an entirely new way of looking at women— appreciating the surface while reifying the depths. Each setting, while simple, evokes the subject’s experience within the context of her existence.

Each book is a limited edition of 250, signed and numbered by Tamar Levine.  The catalog measures 8 3/4'' x 8 3/4'' and is 62 pages.  

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