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Makiko Yoshida

Veggie Stress Ball by Makiko Yoshida


A follow-up to original smash hit designer Caomaru face stress balls, Makiko Yoshida has come up with these imaginative new versions. The veggie stress balls are food-themed squeezable sequels to the face balls, in three different designs of Eggplant, Tomato or Green Pepper.

Each of course has a distinct vegetable look, shape, size, and color, right down to its own characteristic "face": the grumpy Green Pepper, the laughing Eggplant, or cute Tomato. Just have fun relieving your stress by squeezing these friendly and amusing chaps. And don't worry, no matter how hard you squeeze, these veggies will always return to their original shapes!
Material: Polyurethane Resin
Measurement for Eggplant: 4" H and 2" W
Measurement for Tomato: 2" H and 2.5" Di
Measurement for Green Pepper: 3" H and 2" Di

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