Valérie Casado, Lace Imprinted Bowl

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Handmade in France. Each bowl is unique. 7" D x 3" H. Sold individually.

It is in her workshop in Vaucluse, in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, that this Bordeaux woman in the heart of Provence devotes herself to the art of the table.

Valérie sculpts red clay with her fingertips, without thinking about the reault. No intellectualization, only instinct guides her gestures and lets her hands speak. In 2003, childhood memories of kneading clay in a Freinet school in Marseille alongside an unforgettable teacher, prompted Valérie to begin taking lessons in a cultural center in Pernes-les-Fontaines. Very quickly the budding artist understood that everything would be different now.

Today, her creations fly to Paris, Madrid, New York, Tokyo and have conquered Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, her adopted city. Her work is tinged withemotion and covers prints of exquisite finesse. For this, Valérie comes to affix on her pottery scraps of lace, jewelry, old buttons, and Indian stamp that she finds at flea-markets. She also likes to fossilize in her objects wild flowers, plants, and all kinds of footprints of nature.

Baked twice for 10 hours at 1000 degrees, dishes, plates and other uniques tamped pieces are then covered with an enamel gaze. After a long journey, Valérie’s dishes are finally ready to use.