Tray Subject Lipsticks

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Material: Melamine

Measurement: 12.6 in x 17 in

Melamine serving trays (cm. 32 x 43.5) Available in four stunning graphics. Dishwasher safe. (SWT MMXIV Collection) "One Sunday my husband brought me breakfast in bed, what a surprise!!!"


"Inspired by the result of their collaboration, the duo founded Toiletpaper,a magazine born out of their shared passion for making unique and surprising images. Working together, Cattelan and Ferrari create photographs that fuse the vernacular of commercial image making with witty tableaux and surrealism. The result - Toiletpaper - is a bi-annual publication that is itself a work of art. Characterized by high production value and sharp humor, the images produced by Cattelan and Ferrari are instantly recognizable and reflective of their respective positions as renowned artist and acclaimed photographer." - ART + COMMERCE