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Sterling Silver Square Earrings

Diana Schimmel

Sterling Silver Square Earrings


These earrings are made of sterling silver-plated silk. During the platting process, the silk disintegrates and all that remains is the silver body. The silver structure keeps the texture of the silk. 

Material- Sterling silver, nylon jeweler's wire

Length-3.7 in

These earrings have soft rubber backings.

Diana Schimmel belongs to a French family and was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her first developments were inspired in her motto "from art to the object", bringing together art and artisan-like mass production.

Diana works with a small team designing and leading other teams of draftsmen, silversmiths, artists, ceramics sculptors, textile manufacturers, printers, metalworkers and carpenters in the quest to combine a diversity of materials into beautiful objects. They usually combine metals such as silver, copper and bronze, aluminum, embroidered and fretwork fabric -designed by Dos Riberas and exclusively knitted for us-, silks, tyvek®, ecological paper, resin and enamel, PVC, leather, ceramic, wood, seeds and crystals, among others.

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