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Margaret Dorfman

Medium "Hybrid" Vegetable Parchment Bowls by Margaret Dorfman


These vessels are built slice by slice, hand shaped into translucent bowls, and glazed with a sturdy non-toxic finish, the final form taking on the organic curves of blown glass.

Like their fresh counterparts, varieties shift somewhat by season, though most are available year round.

Medium bowls measure 5 - 8 inches in diameter, flare to a width of about 7 inches and stand approximately 4 inches high. 

The bowls can hold potpourri or small lightweight treasures. A votive candle in a glass cup illuminates them beautifully. More simply, the bowls can be enjoyed for the quiet invitation they extend: to slow down, look closely, and rediscover the complex beauty of the natural wonders we so often take for granted.

Please specify which variety from the above list you would like under "Special Instructions" when checking out


Hybrid Bowls: combinations of fruits & vegetables 

Mexican Papaya Hybrids

• with beet rim

• with red Thai chili peppers - chili peppers floating

• within body of bowl

carrot hybrids

• carrot with bok choy spiral


Bok Choy Hybrids

• with Red Pepper bottom

• with carrot spiral

Lotus Root Hybrids

• in handmade beet and berry extracts lotus- Root takes on a

wine/burgundy hue


Thai Green Papaya Hybrids

• with Kiwi -Kiwi bottom and kiwis in bas-relief

• around edge of bowl

• with oak leaves - autumn leaves in flame red,orange and yellow hues

inside body of bowl

• with Red Beet spiral

• with Red Thai Chili Peppers -chili peppers floating

within body of bowl

with strawberries rimming edge


Daikon Hybrids

• with Fish and Seaweed - tiny silver

Japanese fish appear to be swimming among seaweed strands within body

of bowl

• with tiny, translucent shrimp and seaweed

• with real milkweed silk "ruff" around edge of bowl (milkweed silk

looks like a fur edging ) $30

• with jellyfish in beet and berry ( sustainably harvested)


• in Beet cranberry extracts- deep red wine color

• in spinach/artichoke extracts- pale Jade green


Beet Hybrids

• with mexican papaya "checkerboard" ($30)

• with real milkweed silk "ruff" around edge of bowl (milkweed silk

resembles a fur edging and is tinted pink by the beets) $30


Red Bell Pepper Hybrids*

• Striped Red, Yellow, Green & Orange pepper

• Striped Red and Yellow Pepper

Watermelon radish

• with kiwi around outer edge

• with bok choy spiral


Starfruit Hybrids-i

• in handmade tumeric, saffron,beet,berry extracts -starfruit takes on

wine and rust orange hues

Each bowl is made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and additional time for shipping. Orders will ship via UPS ground. If you need to expedite an order please contact us for varieties that are ready to ship.

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