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Margaret Dorfman

Medium "Hybrid" Vegetable Parchment Bowls by Margaret Dorfman


These vessels are built slice by slice, hand shaped into translucent bowls, and glazed with a sturdy non-toxic finish, the final form taking on the organic curves of blown glass.

Like their fresh counterparts, varieties shift somewhat by season, though most are available year round.

Medium bowls measure 5 - 8 inches in diameter, flare to a width of about 7 inches and stand approximately 4 inches high. 

The bowls can hold potpourri or small lightweight treasures. A votive candle in a glass cup illuminates them beautifully. More simply, the bowls can be enjoyed for the quiet invitation they extend: to slow down, look closely, and rediscover the complex beauty of the natural wonders we so often take for granted.


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