Diana Schimmel Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil Silk Earrings

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This unique necklace is made of gold plated silk. During the platting process, the silk disintegrates and all that remains is the gold body. The gold structure keeps the texture of the silk. 

Material- 24K gold vermeil, Sterling Silver

Length- 2 in

Leaflet measurements:

Width-0.3 in (widest part)

Length- 1in

Diana Schimmel belongs to a French family and was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her first developments were inspired in her motto "from art to the object", bringing together art and artisan-like mass production.

Diana works with a small team designing and leading other teams of draftsmen, silversmiths, artists, ceramics sculptors, textile manufacturers, printers, metalworkers and carpenters in the quest to combine a diversity of materials into beautiful objects. They usually combine metals such as silver, copper and bronze, aluminum, embroidered and fretwork fabric -designed by Dos Riberas and exclusively knitted for us-, silks, tyvek®, ecological paper, resin and enamel, PVC, leather, ceramic, wood, seeds and crystals, among others.