Monkey Biz Hand Beaded Mat

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Traditionally beads through the ages were used not only to adorn the body, but as a measure of value in ritual and economic exchange between locals and foreigners. In traditional African rituals, a fine bead necklace or beaded piece is treasured because it is thought to impart spiritual energy.

Monkeybiz is unique in many ways.  This inspirational project empowers more than 450 disadvantaged people by providing beads and beading material to them.  They live in Cape Town informal settlements like Khayelitsha, Philippi, Mandela Park, and other areas, many of them HIV positive.  

Each Monkeybiz artist is a reminder that the human spirit can triumph over seemingly hopeless conditions. 

100% of the profits go back into the communities and Monkeybiz pays the women immediately as the work is delivered on a market day.  Every artist has a bank account, encouraging money management and helping with cash security.  Monkeybiz pays the beaders according to the quality of their work, encouraging improvement, inspiring higher standards.