Michal Taharlev, Large Silver Ikat Necklace

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This necklace is inspired by the Japanese Ikat weaving technique. Made of hundreds of laser cut textile segments that are hand dyed and assembled together by hand. The textile is tightened together by silver plated brass pieces, which shapes the necklace and makes it very stable.

-Hand dyed, handmade
- Length: 20" + 2" extension, adjustable
- Silver plated brass
-Textile: 50/50 cotton poly blend 


Michal Taharlev is a Textile jewellery brand. After graduating her studies in the textile design department, Michal started to collect old and unused weaving looms and opened her own weaving studio in Tel-Aviv. In her work Michal tries to rejuvenate the traditional weaving practice while using modern materials and applications.

By using traditional hand weaving techniques, industrial metals are incorporated into woven fabrics, resulting in one-of-a-kind jewellery, which comes off the loom as one piece, ready-to-wear. The brand strongly believes that besides esthetics and design, jewellery can also tell a story through the different choices of materials and manufacturing process. The story is about simplicity, tradition and change.