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Magnetic Play Sets: Jesus, Frida Kahlo, and Alice in Wonderland

Magnetic Play Sets: Jesus, Frida Kahlo, and Alice in Wonderland

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A magnetic dress up set featuring some of Frida Kahlo's iconography plus other exciting outfits. Magnet playset includes two sheets of clothes and wardrobe accessories measuring approximately 7.5" x 12" each. A great addition to poetry word magnets of all kinds, and fun and educational with dozens of pieces for nearly limitless options. Place on your refrigerator, use as a decoration for your locker, or any metal surface in your office.

The What Would Jesus Wear? Dress Up set features a large magnet in the likeness of Jesus and a large assortment of magnetic clothing and accessories. You can dress J.C. in anything from traditional garb (white robe, cross) to surfer dude (tie-dyed shirt and surfer shorts). There are also loads of props such as loaves, fishes, chalices, hats, and tools from his carpenter years. Yep, we're sure Jesus has a sense of humor. If not, we're in a LOT of trouble.

 Though Albert Einstein was a brilliant theoretical physicist, he wasn't much of a clothes horse. He had a few tweed sports coats, a couple of bow ties, 347 lab coats and that was about it. We're trying to rectify that with this amusing and fun Einstein's Ensembles Magnetic Dress Up Kit. You get a magnetic Albert Einstein doll and 28 magnetic articles of clothing and props. Let your imagination run wild as you dress the world's favorite genius in jeans, outwear, and even a spacesuit. Make Albert look formal. Make him look funky. And in the process, maybe you'll discover the creative genius inside you!

Measurements: 7.5" H and 11" W

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