Barbara Kruger, "Shafted", Mug Set of 4

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Barbara Kruger's installation Untitled (Shafted), 2008, in the elevator shaft of LACMA's BCAM building is the source of inspiration for this set of four mugs packed inside a graphic box, and comes with a postcard. Each 15 oz. mug is 4.57 in. tall and 3.35 in. in diameter. These mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe and California Proposition 65 compliant.

Each mug features a different text and design, detailed below. Any lines are indication of the orientation and spacing of the text as seen on the mug.

Black with "-Right":
"Spirituality      | Vacations       | -Right   | Chocolate  | Smaller Noses

Spas, Sushi      | Flat Screens   |               | Couture     | Bigger Breasts

Boots, Games  | Boats, Planes |               | Wine, Pets | Fuller Lips

Gadgets           | Gold, Drugs    |               | Diamonds  | Jeans & BJs"

"THE WORK IS ABOUT the frame and the confines of the articulated space, the edge and a peripheral locator, color and the signature of saturation, light and the creation of the illusory site, surface and the dictates of the forearm, formula and the elegant solution, decor and the belated recognition of the practical arts, the forced humility of the homemade, the well designed mimicry of the casual, the relations between objects and events, material and the physical embrace, scale and the measure of the body, figures and the rhetoric of the real, structure and the puncture of place, dislocation and the subversion of the habitual, surveillance and the inertia of watching, speculation and value, utopia and the abandonment of context, dogma and bloated pieties, sex and the collapse of the closet, shopping and the image of perfection."

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face, forever. He entered shop after shop priced nothing, spoke no word, and looked | Be Enough | at all objects with a wild and vacant stare."

Black with "Plenty Should":
"Moisturizers  | Plenty  | Computers

Sneakers        | Should | Sun glasses

Cell phones   |              | Hand Bags

Sweaters       |              | Watches

Lipstick         |              | Furniture

Cars, Abs      |              | Houses & Art"