Tana Acton Movable Mobius Cuffs with Kinetic Beads

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Each piece of fine art jewelry by Tana Acton is created from a single "thread" of precious metal, either sterling silver, 12k gold-filled, or copper.

Acton utilizes textile techniques in metal, wrapping Sterling Silver or 14K Gold-Filled wire over a sculptural framework, sometimes incorporating gemstone beads or pearls in her bracelets and rings.

The filament is wrapped precisely and tautly on its frame structure or "loom" in a classic textile technique, translated in metal. The pieces may or may not have a kinetic element captured in the structure or riding on the crossing wires. The fabric created has a faceted effect from the light finding each individual crossing, yet leaving space and air to breathe through each piece.


Dark Silver/Dark Cylinder Beads- 2.5in. diameter 1 1/4in. @ highest point

Gold/Large Smokey Quartz- 2.5in diameter 1 7/8in. @ highest point

Gold/Round Black Beads- 2 3/8in. diameter 3/4in. @ highest point 

Gold/Round Blue Beads- 2 1/2in. diameter 7/8in. @ highest point

Silver/Round Black Beads- 2 5/8in. diameter 7/8in. @ highest point 

Gold/Silver Beads-  2 1/4in. diameter 3/4in @highest point

Silver/Grey Beads- 2 1/4in. diameter 1in. @ highest point

Silver/Gold Beads-  2 1/4in. diameter 3/4in @highest point

Gold/Pink Beads- 2 1/4in. diameter 1in. @ highest point