Funny Scented Statement Soap

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Whiskey River Soap Co. combines humor with handmade quality to create a line of witty and laugh-out-loud soaps. Every soap features a humorous description on a paper sleeve around a wonderfully fresh scented colorful soap bar.


  • Crazy Exes: Smells like you have a type
  • Dirty Minds: Smells kinda like everyone
  • Frenemies: Scented with backhanded compliments
  • Karma: Scented with HaHaHaHa
  • Namaste: Smells like enlightenment
  • Politicians: Scented with Revisionist History
  • Queens: Smells like major drama
  • Slightly Unhinged: Smells like unpredictable behavior
  • Stoners: Smells like Colorado
  • True Artist: Smells like unemployment
  • Writer's Block: Smells like regurgitated ideas and probably a vampire
  • Grammar Police: Smells like your annoying
  • Dog People: Smells like unconditional love
  • Cat People: Smells like purring
  • It's Fine: Smells like somebody's being passive-aggressive 
  • Shit Shows: Smells like last night
  • It Is What It Is: Scented with what could've been
  • First World Problems: Smells like your European vacation was a real bummer
  • Fake News: Smells like drinking the Kool-Aid