Four Years by Kate Samuels

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FOUR YEARS is a mosaic art book which journals many of the events in the years beginning with the presidential election of 2016 and ending with the election of 2020. These events are represented in three collections: My Heroes, The Bullet Bird Project and The Marblekeepers - all consisting of mosaiced animal figures that whimsically and humorously embody many of the influential people admired by the author. My Heroes includes several women, respected and revered by the author, who made a mark during this time, beginning with Hillary Clinton and including, to name a few, Rachel Maddow, RBG and Nancy Pelosi. The Bullet Bird Project is presented as a fairy tale solution to gun violence.Lastly, The Marblekeepers addresses the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenge of staying mentally healthy during this frightening time. This collection includes heroes and helpers such as Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The overall mission of FOUR YEARS is to find beauty as the flip side to ugliness and dwell in it as a study in creation, observation and hope for change. This art book is a perfect gift for any occasion, and especially recommended for those interested in art and politics!