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Wine twirls keep the chill in the glass. Enjoy a glass of your favorite white wine at a fresh and cooling temperature. Wine Twirls keep wine chill for 45 minutes with no dilution and its design adds a touch of sophistication.


Made in the USA from BPA-free FDA-approved, food-safe resin and a high-tech thermal gel, Wine Twirls will impart neither flavor nor odor and will rest at the bottom of the glass – never to interfere with that next refreshing sip.


Wine for TWO™ is a set of two Wine Twirls Chillers and two Wine Tumblers

Wine Twirls™ is a set of 4 Wine Twirls Chillers


How To Enjoy...

CHILL - Chill Wine Twirls in the freezer 3 hours ahead of use.

POP - Pop open a bottle of your favorite chilled wine & drop a Twirl into your glass.

TWIRL & SWIRL - Swirl & enjoy your chilled wine through the last sip!

Measurements: 4" H and 2.5" Di