Acrobats by John Perry

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These fantastic magnetic acrobats are weighted to stack and balance, making for creative play.  Combine sets for added death-defying feats!  Magnetized balls, hoops, and spiral poles can be used to counter-weight the acrobats for daring combinations.   

Limited Edition Black and White set includes 3 performers with base plate, 2 hoops, and one spiral.
Potpourri sets have 4 performers with base plate, ball, spiral pole and hoop.
Medley set includes 4 performers with base plate, 2 balls, 2 hoops, and one spiral pole.
Base Star set contains 5 performers ideal for creating a stable base for your tower of acrobats. 
Figures measure approximately 6" in height, and colors may vary slightly.  Please note that this product is not appropriate for children under 5 years of age.