New Yorker Cartoon Mini Puzzles

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The millions of New Yorker cartoon fans (and puzzlers, too) will exult in this ingenious, first-ever collection of puzzles and games that feature the magazine’s cartoons as clues.

Designed to offer a challenge to puzzlers of all levels, this collection of 100 crosswords, acrostics, caption scrambles, observation puzzles, and more is absolutely unique—it’s the first-ever puzzle collection to feature New Yorker cartoons. Presented in an extremely user-friendly oversized spiral format, the book provides hours and hours of interactive entertainment— just bring your own pencil and brain power!

The puzzles themselves are ingenious—new and different kinds of brain-teasers that use the cartoons of The New Yorker in a fresh way, encouraging the agile reader to think like a New Yorker cartoonist. The introduction is a conversation between two masters: the cartoon editor of the New Yorker and the puzzle editor of The New York Times, and it sheds fascinating light on the connection between cartoons and puzzles.

100 pieces, 9" x 7"