Trash Me Table Lamp

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Through globalization and the constant expansion of opportunity via the internet, people are on the move and their interest and allegiance in all things is short-lived.  The concept word for the Trash Me lamp design is transient.  Like our current global culture, it is a product that is empheral.

The lamp is made of paper pulp spread over a mold and left to dry.  Paper is in itself a transient material.  A strong concept idea leafs to an extraordinary form, and in this case it is a rebirth of what the designer sees as the beauty of the utilitarian forms.

It is only fitting that the name is Trash Me, meaning "please recycle me when no longer useful or desired".

Trash me lamp is made of gray paper pulp, recycled wood, and aluminum components, finished with a 9 foot burgundy fabric cord.  This lamp uses one 40W E26 incandescent bulb or one 7-11W compact fluorescent.

10" W, 6.5" d, 20.6" H

by Victor Vetterlein