Pyro Pet Candle

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New in and our favourite, the Dýri is just so cool, he is bigger than the rest of the Pyro Pet clan and is so cool, he looks so flipping ace. Dýri is short for "hreindýr" which as you may have guessed means reindeer in Icelandic. However it also means beast and we have to say this Dýri is a beast!

So cool, his skeleton antlers are already showing and if you don’t have the heart to burn him away he looks so cool as he is, sat in the home, the contemporary lines are just stunning and he oozes class. If however you have the bottle to burn him down, his skeleton is amazing! So cool, as the candle slowly burns down, his inner beast will start to show though the form of a cool metal skeleton. Such a cool gift, as the element of surprise with this is just ace. Also available in blue.

The Dýri will burn for 22 hours and comes gift boxed.