Stackable Dinner Sets from Paris, Ming

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Elegant stackable dinner set featuring stunning design elements

Ming China Red rolls out photographic fractions of a China tinged with nostalgia. In the style of a darkroom, the container thus unveils a wide shot to close-ups of a sophisticated and elegant Asia from the early 20th century. 

Ming Muse is the result of a collaboration between iBride and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Ming Muse reveals the inner garden of the enigmatic beauty of the Thyssen Museum where large butterflies brush against her face, as if fascinated by her timeless beauty. 


Small Dish with Lid - 4" (Dia.) x 2.75" (D.)

Salad Bowl - 9" (Dia.) x 3.5" (D.) 

Deep Dish - 8.75" (Dia.) x 1.75 (D.) 

Deep Bowl - 8.25" (Dia.) x 3.25" (D.)

Small Deep Bowl - 5.5" (Dia.) x 2.25" (D.) 

Small Soup Bowl - 4.5" (Dia.) x 2.5" (D.)

Total Measures - 9" (Dia.) x 15" (D.)

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